Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow! New albums!

Bob and me have been so busy running round the whole of Lancashire and Greater Manchester in the last few weeks exhibiting at loads of wedding fairs that I completely forgot to tell you all about our lovely new album range.

They're called Bellissimo and they just knock spots of anything else we've seen.

They made their debut a couple of weeks ago at the Manchester wedding fairs and the feedback has been phenomenal!

As normal, we've kept the design in house so your album will be totally unique and not just created from a template that  five hundred other photographers also use.   It's no secret that I love designing albums, it gives me a chance to get all creative ( and stops her from redecorating the house every five minutes - Bob).

The wedding that I chose to showcase for this new range is the lovely Oliver and Helen's wedding.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Triangle Wedding Fair

BRILLIANT weekend at The Triangle Centre wedding fair in Manchester this weekend. Many thanks to everyone who came for a chat. I'll be posting the full story very soon.

My feet hurt. I've been stood on 'em all weekend. Any chance of a foot rub? Anyone?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Proud Mum

We're bang in the middle of the wedding fair season again, hence the reason for me being unusually quiet on here recently.

I'm specially enjoying these wedding fairs for two reasons. Firstly, because I actually really enjoy wedding fairs and we've just got some fabulous new products which we're really proud of and can't wait to show everyone but secondly because our daughter is now modelling for the fabulous Halo and Ellis.

They have wedding gowns, mother of the bride outfits, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses - every one of which I look at and think Wow!  I love that!!  of course I may be a bit biased but I think that the dresses look so much better for having my daughter in them.

With a figure to die for ( I don't know where she got that from, certainly not me!) long red hair ( Ok, that might have been my doing) and a natural elegance - definitely not inherited from me,  she and Halo and Ellis gowns were a match made in heaven.

Tonight we're all at Garstang Golf Club. The fair starts at 6.30 and the fashion show is on at 8.00 pm.  See you there! I'll be the one watching the fashion show all misty eyed and telling everyone, "That's my daughter."

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Matthew and Lynsey's Wet Wedding

People often ask us how we cope when it's raining and we have a wedding to shoot.

My answer is always the same. As a wedding photographer in the north of England we have more than our fair share of wet weddings. Rather than wring our hands and complain bitterly about our bad luck we are more inclined to say. "Wow! We're going to get some lovely shots today. Bring out the brollies!"

We have a little stash of brollies that we always take with us when it wet so we are more than prepared to have some fun in the rain without ruining anyone's outfit (except ours).

Puddles, reflections, umbrellas and a good dose of creativity all help to give us photographs that are  not only lovely but just a bit different to everyone else's.

Rain? Bring it on!

Matthew and Lynsey's day started off very wet. It was that really fine, summer rain, you know the one, the one that soaks you through.

Rainy as it was, it was still a warm day so Bob and me were stood out in it catching the guests as they arrived at the church, St Mary Magdelene's in Burnley. Not a lot to look at outside but stunning inside. The priest was lovely, warm friendly, welcoming and very photographer friendly as most Catholic priests are.

"Five second photo call!"  Most of the guests were happy to stop for a five second photo call on their way into the church. I think they felt sorry for us with the rain dripping off the end of our noses.

I loved the blue umbrella with the pink dresses.

The groomsmen were on hand to help anyone who was brolly-less.

Eventually, all the guests were safely in the church and Lynsey arrived. I don't think the rain did much to spoil her day. She was radiant. She never stopped smiling.

Her dad was working really hard to keep that gorgeous dress off the ground though.  While all this was going on, the bridesmaids watched from a safe distance.

While a groomsman peeped through the curtain to see if it had stopped raining.

The service started. I got in position at the front of the church, as normal keeping as low a profile as possible.  To my horror, I realised part way through the service that I was actually steaming! Oh my gawd! That's attractive!  Must have got wetter than I thought. Luckily, all eyes were on Lynsey and Mathew.

Aaawww, look at Lynsey's face. She's almost beside herself with joy. How lovely.

The picture below is my favourite one from the whole wedding. How I wish I'd taken it. Bob took it from the back of the church with his super duper long lens. I love this photo.

After the ceremony we set off to Mitton Hall for the reception and formal shots. You'll never guess what happened next.

The rain stopped!

Put the brollies away!

We managed to get all the formal shots done in the gardens. Wow! That was unexpected. I'd been mentally arranging all the wedding guests inside in the hall that was the main  part of the old house. I was almost disappointed (almost).

We got some cracking shots outside.

I think Lynsey liked that car, she wasn't letting go of it!

Yay! It's not raining!

During a lull in proceedings, Bob came across Lynsey's dad having a quite moment of reflection. "You look deep in thought.  We could have some fun with that." Between them they cooked up an idea for a photo.

Bad Bob, naughty Bob, cooking up schemes is wrong!

Hehe. Funny Bob.

While Bob and Lynsey's Dad were plotting and scheming in the garden. Matthew, Lynsey and me were in the hall on the gallery.

Lynsey's dress was stunning, as Lynsey is. I shot a few detail shots just as they were ready to go in for their wedding breakfast.  This type of  shot is one that only I can get away with, being a woman. Bob would get a slap (from me) if he did it.

 The detail on her dress was amazing. I could have spent half an hour just photographing that. I didn't though, that would have been really boring for them - and it was time to go in for the wedding breakfast.

The room sparked, It was light, elegant, pretty  and had an lovely ethereal feel to it. As normal, the staff at Mitton Hall had worked really hard to make sure everything was absolutely perfect.

Congratulations, Lynsey and Matthew.