Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wow! It's the BIG one this week!

Still ploughing our way through the wedding fairs, we are at one of the biggest shows of the season on Sunday.

It's the Dunkenhalgh. We'll be in our usual spot, on the left by the door.  It'd feel strange if they put us anywhere else now.

We call that our lucky table. It wasn't  so lucky last year when a light fell over and burnt one of our albums! We've got a whole new set of lights - and albums since then so no chance of any more mishaps in that department.

The fair (fayre?) starts at noon. As usual there will be lots to see, eat and try on. The fashion show will be at 2pm.

The lady who organises the fair saw a picture of our new puppy, Bentley last week. Completely fell in love with him and asked me if he could model for her. One of the suit hire places has a groom outfit for dogs. How cute would that be!!!

I did decline the offer, Since he's only twelve weeks old I thought his modelling career would have to wait till he's a little bit older. The poor creature could be traumatised for life if he was put through all that!

He is a handsome boy though, isn't he?