Sunday, February 19, 2012

And this week's winner is....

Ahem.  The winner of the Manchester Wedding Show free prize draw is.......drum roll please.


Well done Emily!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prescriptive or descriptive?

Welcome! Welcome! Come in, sit down and make yourselves comfy! An extra special welcome to new readers and those we've met recently at the wedding fairs.

Carrying on with our introduction from a couple of posts ago, I'd like to share with you our vision of wedding photography. 

When Bob and I got married 26 years ago, wedding photography was largely prescriptive. You got what you got and everyone followed the same formula.

You stood and posed in lines, slap bang in the middle of the frame with various family members for 30 or so photographs. Then, just as the fun was about to start the photographer packed up his tripod (yes, it was always a bloke and he always had a tripod) and off he went. That, as they say, was that.

In due course you got your thirty pictures in an album, one picture to a page, with tissue paper between the pages. Your album looked the same as your Mum's and hers looked like her Mum's.

Then along came digital photography. 

Once digital photography reached a standard as good if not better than film photography all sorts of doors opened. 

Photography no longer needed to be prescriptive.

Now it could be descriptive. 

Suddenly the rule was: 

There are no rules, be creative and go with the flow.

(Imagine me singing for joy at this point).

Photographers now had the freedom to shoot as much as they wanted,  allowing them to pick up on the mood, the feel and the sheer joy of a wedding. 

Reportage was born.

For the first time we could photograph all of the details, the tiny but important items that make your wedding uniquely yours. 

The garter that belonged to your grandma, the ring sewn into the lining of your dress or the antique lace that came from your Mum's wedding veil. We understand how important these things are to you.

They are your cherished memories, memories that you'll want to keep forever. By putting these photographs  alongside and complimenting your main photographs we can tell the whole story of your wedding in your beautiful and unique storybook album.

Bob and I don't claim to be truly reportage photographers as experience has taught us that most people still like to have a few formal photographs and we're always happy to do those for you if you want them.

However, what we prefer to do is shoot very natural, unposed  images, the ones that show you enjoying every single second of your wedding.

What do you think?

Friday, February 10, 2012

If this is February then that means we are exhibiting at The Triangle Centre in Manchester this weekend, then next weekend it's the Wrightington Hotel  followed by the  Preston Marriot on the 26th the  Dunkenhalgh on 4th March, Preston Masonic Hall 11th March and then last but not least, Kilhey Court on 1st April.

So many wedding fairs.

It's all becoming a bit of a blur at the moment, I'm really not sure where I am from one week to the next.

Of course doing all these wedding fairs means that all major dates are filling up fast so please don't delay if you're thinking of booking us for your wedding photography, I'd hate for you to miss the date because you weren't quick enough off the mark. It does all get to be a bit of a bunfight at this time of year.

I do love all the excitement of it all though and I certainly can't say that I'm bored.

Cake, fashion shows, jewels, shoes  - and me!

What's not to love about a wedding fair? Get your self along and say hello! While you're in Manchester you can do a bit of 'market research' aka*cough* shopping.  I think Bob's cottoned on to the fact that when i say 'researching the market' I actually mean shoe shopping.

We've got a new display banner for this year's shows.

Since our last  banner came to an untimely end after Bob had a bit of a tussle with it at a wedding fair last year we decided to get a super duper  new one.

Oh. Dear Lord.

It arrived today.

Millimeters are teeny little things!

I had no idea 1500 of them would be so very BIG!

At least you won't have any trouble spotting us.

Here's me in the office stood next to it two  minutes after it arrived. I still have the shocked grin on my face. It's huuuuuuge!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lynsey and Matthew's Album

We love it when a couple's wedding alum finally arrives. In fact we probably look forward to it as much as you do.

Having spent ages designing it, and every one is totally unique, it's nice to see the finished article.

Lynsey and Matthew's album was the latest one to arrive. If you've been following us on Facebook you'll have seen that Lynsey was a bit excited about it's arrival. She was thrilled to bits with it - as we were.

Some of you will have already seen it as we were thrilled enough with  it  to get a copy made for ourselves to put on the display at the wedding fairs.

Talking of wedding fairs - we are exhibiting at Manchester Wedding Show at the Triangle Centre in Manchester on both Saturday and Sunday this week.

Po in and say hello, put your name down for the next prize draw, grab a spot of lunch and do a bit of shopping. You could make the whole day of it!

You have to love Manchester!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

And the winner is......

And the winner of our  park hall wedding fair prize draw is...........

I'll just let the tension build for a moment as I rustle the gold envelope with the winner's name inside it  *rustle rustle rustle*

Kate A!!!!!

Congratulations and well done,  Kate!!!

I'll be contacting Kate by email to let her know she's the lucky winner of an engagement portrait shoot and a framed 8 x 12 inch framed print.

Thank you all for coming to chat with us and for entering the draw, sorry you didn't win this time but you can have another chance.

We' ll be at the triangle Centre in manchester on Saturday and Sunday next week for the manchester Bridal Show so pop in, say hello and you can enter again!

You have to be in it to win it - as they say.