Monday, May 14, 2012

Tim & Vicky at Eaves Hall

"Oh, Tim and Vicky. How lucky you are. What a fantastic day for a wedding."
 I thought as I walked the dog at 7.30 a.m. on the morning of their wedding. The sky was a beautiful azure blue and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. It was a  warm (ish), bright and beautiful morning.

Two hours later I set off to Eaves Hall with the rain and the hail hammering down on my car windscreen and the wipers going  full pelt. "Blimey, didn't expect this" I thought as I prayed it wasn't in for the whole day.

As I arrived at Eaves Hall, the rain slowed down to a persistent downpour. "This I can work with." Getting wet is one thing, getting smacked in the face by hailstones the size of marbles I'm not over keen on. As gorgeous as Eaves Hall is on the inside, it would have been tragic if we hadn't been able to make the most of the fabulous  gardens. It's a good job I keep a stash of umbrellas in the car.

The gatehouse, where the girls were all getting ready, was a hive of high spirited activity as hair was curled, make up applied and champagne sipped.

I of course made myself busy by admiring the shoes, jewels......ahem. I mean.... being very professional and photographing all the important details of the day.

I always think that photographers are inherently nosy people and that's how we get the photographs we do - exactly because we take an interest in everything around is - and what could possible be more interesting than a wedding?

The theme of this wedding was black and white. I'd been looking forward to seeing how it would turn out. As it turned out it was glamourous, sophisticated and elegant.

This photo below is one of my favourites, I can't resist an old window and the  melancholic feel it evokes.  I'm sure a psychologist would have a lot to say about that!

While I was with the girls, Bob had gone along to see how the chaps were getting on. While he was there he got a lovely shot of the rings.

Pretty, aint it?

The boys, it appeared were getting on ok. Rather enjoying themselves from what I could see. No sign of nerves here. Mind you. Getting a posse of lively  blokes to look grufty was harder than it sounds.

Just before this photo was taken, by yours truly, Tim had slipped on the wet stones and very nearly ended up on his backside. His best man saw the incident through the window and came running out to  do his best manly duty and make sure nothing else happened before the ceremony.

Best to go inside for a nice calming game of snooker.

The guests began to arrive, the rain stopped, the bride and her entourage
 ( I want an entourage!!) moved over to the main hall to get changed into their dresses ready for the big moment. Suddenly it was all moving very fast.

Vicky really did look stunning.

After a quiet moment of reflection it was time to go and meet her groom.

Vicky's Dad looked so proud as he walked her down the aisle, I thought he was going to burst. It was lovely.

Once the ceremony was over we managed to get out in the gardens for a few photos.

 The sun even managed to join us for a few minutes.

The speeches were hilarious. They have to be good to make me laugh and believe me I had a hard time holding it all together and not guffawing out loud. It's a good job I had my camera to hide behind. I hope no one noticed it shaking a time or two!

No  one ever believes me that their wedding day will fly past and be gone in a flash but in no time at all it was time for the first dance. How did it get to that time so quickly? I

 What a brilliant wedding, thank you, Tim and Vicky  for letting Bob and me be  a part of it.