Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Martin & Charlotte

This week I have been putting the finishing touches to Martin & Charlotte's wedding album.  It was a big honour for me and Bob to be asked to photograph Charlotte's wedding because we've known her since she was about three.  I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it!

So, sniff,  (pulls self back together). The wedding ceremony was at St Peter's church in Darwen, What a fantastic church it is.  We'd never been in this church before, even though I live in the town,  and I was stunned that a little town like Darwen has such a beautiful church. Someone told me that it's  known as 'The Cathedral of Darwen' and I can well see why.

Charlotte arrived, her usual bubbly self, looking gorgeous (oops, there I go again, sniff).

I'd managed to get myself in the balcony for the ceremony, just in the right spot to capture this moment.

I love the juxtaposition of the all the serious faces at the back, respecting the solemnity of the occasion and all the smiling faces at the front, sharing a special, funny moment.

Funny word, juxtaposition, no one ever uses it in real life but photographers us it all the time. It's like having a little language all of our own.

Here's Charlotte with her Mum.

We can see you, you know!

It was a fabulous warm, sunny day. We couldn't have booked better weather. The bridesmaids and pageboy seemed to enjoy it.

The groom's brothers got in on the act as well, in fact everyone just went out of their way to have a brilliant time. Formal pictures?  Not for this crowd, they just wanted to have fun. Just the way I like 'em!

The wedding car was fantastic. I thought it suited a bit of the old 'Top Gear' treatment to make it look a bit more dramatic. What do you think?

We went for a stroll round the gardens at the Swallow Hotel in Samlesbury. The staff were amazing.

The wedding Fair season starts again next month, as long as we aren't snowed off again.  Dates at the moment are:

Foxfields Hotel, Whalley.  7th Feb

Haighton Manor, Preston. 10th Feb

Sparth House, Clayton le Moors. 21st Feb

Dunkenhalgh, Clayton le Moors. 7th March

Why not pop down for a chat?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A change is as good as a rest

It's a funny time of year , January for a wedding photographer. That little lull when the wedding season finishes, the albums are all (mostly) printed and sent to their rightful owners. The Christmas print and frame rush is well and truly over, the wedding fairs haven't yet got under way and the planning for the coming year is in full force.

It's time to recharge our batteries and make the most of any crisp, frosty days and get out and about for a spot of recreational photography.  The gorgeous snowy weather we've had over the last few weeks has been brilliant for that. I think me and the dog were the only ones who absolutely loved the snow and didn't want to see the back of it. We walked out little legs off.

 I got a call from Ist Choice Bedrooms asking me if I'd go to their showroom to photograph the room layouts for their new brochure. That was a surprise as I'm  known best as a social photographer. Always up for a challenge though I jumped at the opportunity.   I was made very welcome and given free reign in the showroom to set my studio lighting up as needed.

They asked me to go along during the day ........

and at night so we could show how beautiful the furniture looked with the lights on, isn't it pretty?

They do lovely children's bedrooms

As well as office furniture.

 I've done lots of studio pack shot work but this was a whole new experience for me. It was almost a zen like experience, calm, quiet, relaxed and with no time constraints. Polar opposite to a wedding, in fact and they do say that a change s as good as a rest, and it was, I thoroughly enjoyed my little self.

So, will I be looking for a change of direction with my photography?  Nah!!  Once a wedding photographer, always  a wedding photographer. You can't beat weddings and the excitement, buzz and emotion that comes with them. I thrive on the  the fact that the unexpected can, and very often does, happen at any time but most of all I love working with people.

 Bring on those weddings, I love 'em!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love this weather!!

Ok, I know it causes chaos but you just have to love this weather.

Bob and me should have been at the first wedding fair of the season at Haighton Manor this evening but it has been cancelled due to, you've guessed it, the weather.

Oh well, there is nothing else for it, grab a camera and get outside!

It's a real treat getting out and shooting just for fun.  I'm back in the office now so you can get in touch with me as normal.

The wedding fair at Haighton Manor has been rescheduled for 10th February.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts.