Monday, December 24, 2012

Claire and Adam's wedding blessing

Claire and Adam came to see us. It was a bit of an unusual consultation because you see, they're already married.

It turns out that the official wedding was a very low key affair for many a rreason and this was to be the wedding they'd actually wanted. I can relate to that!

They'd told us the location was to be the Netherwood Hotel in Grange Over Sands. We hadn't worked there before so as normal, if we haven't shot a wedding somewhere we go and check it out beforehand.

They didn't tell us it's just like Hogwarts!!

My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw it on the pre wedding recce trip a few weeks before the wedding. "Remember that it will be all trimmed up for Christmas as well so it'll look even better on the day."

Even better? How? It's magnificent.

True to their word, it was even better.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day. Enjoy.

 Nerves were starting to kick in: Luckily Dad was there for a comforting hand.

These ties proved to be a bit of a challenge

 Almost ready

 Right, we chaps are ready. Where are the girls?

 Not quite ready yet. Won't be long!

 Dress on: Almost time to leave. I just need my flowers.

The flowers were fabulous. Gorgeous rich purples, set off with black berries and white roses. So rich looking and elegant, absolutely stunning!

There was just time for a moment to reflect before setting off to the church in it's beautiful location at the top of the hill

Claire and Adam arrive at the church. Together?  Huh? 
Oh wait. I forgot. They're already married. 

 The church, the vicar and the service were all lovely.

The little bridesmaids made me giggle. The little one was force feeding her mother chocolate during the ceremony. I didn't think it was fair to post that photo though, you'll just have to take my word for it. I had to work really hard to stifle the giggles at that point. 

Claire and Adam, quite rightly, only had eyes for each other. 

 After the ceremony it was off to the Netherwood Hotel

The room looked
absolutely amazing.

Many congratulations, Claire and Adam.