Friday, June 22, 2012

Skipton Castle and the Chinese Restaurant

That sounds like the title of an Agatha Christie novel, doesn't it?

We  get asked to shoot some stuff  but when Jim and Carolyn walked through the door we knew that their wedding  was going to be a wedding with a difference.

Laid back, funny and full of character, we got on with them like a house on fire.

"We don't want photos of cake cutting. There won't be any speeches and we aren't having a first dance."

"Ok, that's fine. Where's the wedding?" asked I.

Skipton Castle.

Skipton castle?!

 I felt my pulse quicken. That's been on my 'to photograph' bucket list for some time now.

"And the reception?" (trying to keep calm and professional and not shout out Skipton Castle!!  Whoop, whoop!!).

"The Jade Palace."

"The what?"

"The Jade Palace Chinese restaurant. It's a special place for us."

Well, there can't be a better reason for picking a reception venue than the fact that it has an emotional connection with the couple, can there?

 A medieval castle and a chinese dragon at the same wedding. Wow!

I told you it was a wedding with a difference - and you know what?

It was perfect! Have a look......

 Nervous bride and groom? I don't think so!

Hey Mum! If I stand here people will think it's my car!

Er... lads? Lads? The castle is the other way.

A moment to reflect

Carolyn and her son, who gave her away, arriving at the castle

These bridesmaids were off the cuteness scale. Aren't they gorgeous?

There may have been a teensy dress malfunction just before the ceremony. Would you have coped with it as well as Carolyn did?

No words needed

I don't know what was in that glass but it looked like she was enjoying it.

This courtyard was fabulous. I half expected Shakespeare to appear

 time to leave for the reception

And so we arrived at the Jade Palace.

A couple of images that will live with me forever - a chinese dragon standing at a bus stop. You couldn't make it up!

Congratulations, Carolyn and Jim.

What a fantastic, vibrant and exciting wedding you had - and it suited you perfectly.