Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Engagement!

A little while ago I teamed up with UKBride  - a fantastic resource for brides to be. If you're getting married then go and have a look at it, it's brilliant! You can find everything you could possible want or need for your wedding on there, it really is a one stop shop.

I even used it myself a few weeks ago to find a supplier for something.

Anyway, back to the plot:

Through UKBride, we met two couples last weekend, both of whom came to us for engagement shoots.

First through the door was Holly and Nick. Holly and us were nearly neighbours (well, 20 years ago when we lived on the same road. Come to think of it, Holly must have been a tot at the time. Suddenly I feel so old!).

Amazingly enough, the weather was lovely on Saturday so rather than do the shoot in the studio I thought it would be nice to get outside for a bit of fresh air and nice scenery.

Since we've got ourselves a dog I've found quite a few local beauty spots.  Y'see, all these extra benefits to having a dog. I never even knew these places existed before!

We set off for the nearest one loaded up with our cameras for the shoot. I was so pleased that we'd made the decision to shoot outside, it was lovely.

After the shoot we made the short drive back to the studio for a coffee and a look through the images, these are my favourites. 

About ten minutes after Holly and Nick left we just had time for a quick tidy up before , Susan and Allan arrived.

Susan and Allan are a little bit more ahem.... mature than Holly and Nick - well, on the outside, anyway. Susan is a little blonde ball of energy, the mischief just shines out of her! She  tried to tell me that she hated having her photo taken. I don't know why, the camera loves her.

Since the sun was still shining, we once again made the decision to get out and about to make the most of it.

So that was Saturday.  It was great fun and a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you. Congratulations to both couples.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amanda & Dominic

" So, we're having breakfast on the terrace and we'd like photos with the horses and the dog and Dominic's going for a wet shave at the barber's and we'd love it if you could be there to photograph that."

It was such a good plan. What a shame the weather didn't want to play along with it. Mother nature decided to throw millions of gallons of water on the proceedings just to make sure that one of the most outdoorsy couples we've ever met were kept well and truly indoors.

Breakfast on the terrace became a dream. The horses were kept in the stables and Chester the beagle, well, he just wandered round  bemused at all the comings and goings.

He was very stoic about it all though, even if he didn't get to wear his bow tie that had been made 'specially for him.

He does look a bit disappointed, doesn't he? Or is that a look of relief? I'm not sure.

Sunny weather would have been lovely but in this country you get what you get - and this summer that has meant rain - and lots of it.

It's a good job that Amanda and Dominic aren't the type to let the weather get in the way of their plans.

Bob and me set off extra early, him to the barber's and me to Amanda's to get a few shots of all the preparations.

How's this for a pair of shoes?

While I was photographing the girls, Bob was watching Dominic get a seeing to with a cut throat razor. Don't make any loud noises, Bob!

The flowers arrived. I  loved the colour scheme, so pretty and feminine. I haven't seen many blue weddings for a while and it was absolutely stunning.

Amanda and her bridesmaids got on with the serious process of getting glammed up for the day. Amanda's dad just kept a low profile and does what Bob always does when he wants to keep out the way - got his head down on the computer.

Amanda's dress was a show stopper! It was a white satin number and the fabric had a luminance and lustre that was just gorgeous. It almost seemed to move like water. I loved it.

Not many women would have been able to wear such a close fitting dress with such shiny fabric but Amanda, with her stunning figure,  just rocked it ( as my daughter would say!).

The rain still hadn't let up by the time Amanda arrived at the church with her Dad but they  still kept smiling, they even found a minute to wave at Uncle Fred!

Hi Uncle Fred!!!

While Amanda was making her way into the church, Dominic was congratulating the little ring bearer on a job well done.

After the ceremony we kept all the guests inside the church for the group shot, that's far better than making people stand on wet grass or huddle inside a reception venue. I always think that the group shot in church is lovely - and just a bit different. I love the atmosphere of it. This church, St Annes at Woodplumpton, is particularly nice.

 Instead of confetti the guests they had bubbles and at one point the church seemed to be absolutely full of bubbles, it was lovely.

Next stop was the Villa at Wrea Green.  The rain still battered down but the guests didn't care, they just got on with the important stuff, enjoying the wedding.  

Bob and I took Amanda and Dominic off for a short time to get some shots with a difference, it's not often we do the couples' shots in the bridal suite bathroom. I know I said that the dress moved like water but, blimey!

Now I'm not saying that Dominic's tall or Amanda's short or anything but.....

While we were away it seems there was a bit of a knees up going on. Rain stopped play? I don't think so! They look like they were well into whatever it was they were singing!

back in the reception marquee, the wedding cake was a delightful array of cup cakes. Sometimes it's hard being a photographer...those cakes looked delicious and I had to keep my sticky mitts off them.

Dominic managed to get through the speeches!!

The rain stopped and the bridesmaids jumped for joy!

The bridal party were a thoughtful lot.

Things were looking up - or or indeed inwards, depending on who it was.

Did I say things were looking up? They certainly were for Amanda. Up, then down, then up again. Poor girl Teeheeheee.

It looks very model-esque, this photo below.

It's one of my favourites from the I saved it till last.

Congratulations, Dominic and Amanda. Bob and myself wish you all the very best for a long, happy and fun filled marriage.