Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow!! Newsflash

Ok, now I'm excited!!!

Peter Jackson the Jeweller,  the best jewellers in the area,   are running a fantastic promotion at the moment and have asked Wow! Contemporary Photography to get involved with it.

Peter Jackson the  Jeweller and Wow! Photography in the same sentence!  Wow!  Err ...I mean...well, you know.

The promotion is  a superb  package of all sorts of  lovely free goodies when you buy you engagement ring from them.  It includes, among other things, a complementary ( and complimentary) engagement photo shoot with yours truly and a framed 8 x 12 inch print.

It really is an amazing offer from the best jeweller in the area and Bob and me are really excited to be a part of it, can you tell?

Click here for a link to Peter Jackson's website.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Horse of the year show?

In all the years I've been photographing weddings I've never photographed one with a horse and carriage in attendance - until this year. Just like corporation buses, nothing for ages and then two arrive at once.

This  is from Lee and Miranda's wedding at Haigh Hall in Wigan. The day was glorious, the venue magnificent, the bride beautiful and the horses incredibly well behaved.

I loved how they had their little crocheted 'ear gloves.' I'm certain that's not what their called but in the absence of their proper names it'll have to do.

If you know what they are called or can think of a fab new name then you can leave a comment and the best answer gets a prize.... of my unending awe at your vast pool of knowledge.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dan & Joanne

As promised, here re a few pics from Dan & Joanne's wedding. It rained a bit on the day...... WHAT AM I SAYING????!!!   It heaved  it down all day long!

Did that stop everyone having a lovely time?  Did it heck.  They enjoyed every minute of it all.

The whole day was lovely and Bob and me were thrilled to be involved in it.

The bridal prep was lovely, everyone was excited and happy. If there were any last minute nerves they were certainly well hidden.

It rained and it rained and it rained. I did feel sorry for the poor carriage driver.  If you look closely at this photo you can see the rain lashing down.

After the ceremony, a short carriage drive to one of mine and Bob's favourite venues, because they take such good care of everyone, including us, Sparth House.

A few quick shots outside while we had chance. The cars were gorgeous - but not as gorgeous as the bride and bridesmaids, obviously.

 In the chandelier room at Sparth House just before going in for the wedding breakfast.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cheeky Monkeys

It's no secret that I love to photograph babies and small children. I just love the way that their every emotion is shown on their face and they haven't yet learnt to edit their feelings as adults do.

These two little munchkins came to see me within a few days of each other. The little girl had learnt to crawl the day before she came to see me so as soon as we sat her down she was up and away!!    I had to work at the speed of light to get a photo of her before she disappeared out of the frame for the umpteenth time.

This little boy has the most expressive face and the biggest eyes I've ever seen. he was lovely. A little but unsure of himself at first, he soon relaxed when we gave him a few toys to play with. After a little while he was having the time of his life - until that is his parents decided they'd like to be in the photos as well, then all hell broke loose till he got the set back to himself again.

A future model in the making, I think.

Both of these images  are from our bespoke range.  The images you choose are individually designed by me  to give you  a unique piece of artwork for your wall.  No two are ever done exactly the same so they are as individual as your baby.

Ask me for details.